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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Dynamic Switching on a single 10g Reports Server instance (Part2)

If you have configured your Reports Server for Dynamic Switching with the ENVID parameter, the next step would be to set the ENVID for the Report Object before running the Report Object.

This can be down as below:

However, the ENVID is not something that we want hardcoded in our forms and must be read from the Application Specific Forms env file.

For more details on the env file :
Cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms90/server/fromsweb.cfg
And envFile to Application specific configuration
# Remittance (RMS) Testing Section

cd $ORACLE_HOME/forms90/server/
cp default.env test.env
edit test.env to include your environmanet variables
now this variable can be read from your form using the TOOL_ENV.GET_VAR function.

The env file can also include application specific authentication information if required.
At this point you have configured your 10g Reports and Forms Server for Multiple Applications.


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