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Monday, November 06, 2006

it is strange how things change.................

Sometime in 2003 I had to do a RAC install on Suse Linux. I remember spending lots of time on the web and metalink looking to find information on Suse Linux or Linux and all the default documents were on Unix. Most of time I never found answers to any of my questions (configuration with Suse, RAC and Net App) were tricky ; things like is OCFS supported or not on NetApp? oracm versions etc etc.

In an attempt to find answers I started opening tars with support ; the tech support team were supportive but were not able to give me answers immediately and had to do a lot of research on their part to answer some of my questions - I will not say that the process of finding out all the details was frustrating but was very tedious.

Today tables have turned - and I have to do a 10g RAC install on Unix(Solaris 10) - I get on technet and metalink and find a whole lot of information on Linux :) (I am not sure if it is a result of OOW2K6) and I am searching to find information on Unix.

It is strange or probably not so strange that things change .........I guess the only thing that always remains constant is "change"


  • Shouldn't we abandon SUSE?

    After the recent fiasco generated by Novell getting into an agreement with Microsoft and the whole Open Source Community planning to fight Novell both in and outside the court, will it be sensible to shift over to another Linux distribution? There are other distributions that are as good or better that SUSE so which will be best one to migrate to?

    By Blogger o2se3tak, at 12:22 AM  

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