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Friday, November 03, 2006

the power of clearfsimport............

at my current Customer Site, I have had to wear both hats -db development support and db production support for different projects. Clear Case is used as the Source Control Management tool here.

A lot of folks use rational Clear Case LT explorer on Windows to checkin and checkout files. A few who hate to transfer files around will install their Clear Case client on Unix and work with
"cleartool checkout"
"cleartool checkin"
you can take it to the next step. A huge working directory , you ve worked on several scripts - to checkout and check in each one of them can be cumbersome.

"Clearfsimport" is a powerful utility - you can simply do a Recursive Filesystem compare between your VOB and your working directory--->all the rest is taken care of. ClearfsImport will determine what files are newelements(add them to src control), what has changed and update the changed files without the need to checkout and checkin files.
Works great----especially if you work on a lot of code , you don't want to spend an entire day figuring out what to checkin and checkout.

syntax for clearfsimport:
cd to your VOB dir(note you should be in your VOB dir while running clearfsimport)
clearfsimport -preview -recurse -follow -nsetevent your_working_dir .
(the above command will give you a preview of what is going to happen)

clearfsimport -recurse -follow -nsetevent your_working_dir .
will get your VOB in sync with your working dir.


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