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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Configuring Oracle 10g Reports In-Process Server .......

I spend a lot of time in the Database World ; but requirements have needed me to work with Oracle Application Server often as well(years back I had to maintain OAS 4.0 - remember the cartridge world!!!; maintaing OAS 10g has made life so much more easier )With 10g OAS most of my work has been with Deploying and maintaining the BI Discoverer container and everything with Discoverer, having said this I was familiar with opmn and all its underying fundamentals to manage the Discoverer Container.Recently I got moved to an effort where my Clients wanted me to set up a 10g Reports server(dev/test and prod instances and start getting reports out the door).

Below are a few key points that got me upto speed fairly fast with setting up my Oracle Reports Server

1)In-Process Server is the default configuration for the Reports Server. In-Process Server Default name = "rep_hostname"

2)Starting your Reports Server cd $ORACLE_HOME/bin/ server="rep_hostaname"

3)Configuring connection information for your reports servercd $ORACLE_HOME/reports/confOpen cgicmd.dat add the following entry: userid=/@ destype= desformat=

4)To maanage your In-Process Report Server from opmn$ORACLE_HOME/bin/ "rep_hostname". To start and stop your container./opmnctl stopproc ias-component=repsrv904 process-type=ReportsServer

5)Configuring Directory Location for your Reports cd $ORACLE_HOME/reports/conf/rep_hostname .confedit rep_hostname.conf and change sourceDir property to where the Reports are. Remember to remove the comments from the XML Propert

6)Invoking Web based Report from your Forms Forms WEB.SHOW_DOCUMENT Built In to call ReportsSyntax: Web.Show_Document (URL,Target) .Target can be _blank or _self depending on whether the reports needs to open in a new window or not.

While my dev env is almost there, I am sure we will have a little more things to deal with before we go Live. It has been a busy week overall ; keeping up with work and trying to squeeze in time to catchup with all what's happening at OOW2006; my car breakdown has added to the mix as well


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