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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Saving Public connections to Oracle Business Intelligence 10g (10.1.2)…..

In the middle of all your OOW2K6 blog information, a little peek at the few roadblocks I hit today with BI 10G

The last few hrs I have been cranking out Discoverer Reports for a presentation with Business Users. Business is in the process of evaluating WebFocus and BI Discoverer (the $$$ numbers look better with Discoverer but will it serve the purpose is what we are trying to figure out).
I have Oracle Business Intelligence 10g (10.1.2) up in running with all my workbooks/worksheets ready to go for the demo….hmmm…until I hit one problem.

i)Oracle Business Intelligence 10g (10.1.2) does not have an option to save Viewer Public connections. I know this can be done when integrated with the portal but BI standalone doesn’t seem to give me this ability on the EM console. I have spent sometime now looking for this information on the web and have found no solutions (any solutions?? will be great to know)

(ii) are Analytic Functions available in Discoverer? With the need to develop more and more complex Reports these days , most of our Reports use Analytic Functions ROW_NUMBER(),RANK(),DENSE_RANK() I have had to create views with Analytic Functions and then build Discoverer Reports on the views


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