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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dynamic Switching on a single 10g Reports Server instance - a small bug with a small workaround

In order to setup multiple environments on a single 10g Reports Server Instance the following needs to be done -

Step 1 - Define The environment Characteristics (Environment Element)

In the Reports Server's configuration file (eg, .conf) which is found in $ORACLE_HOME/reports/bin/"rep_servername".conf: add the defaultEnvID's.

while invoking the Report pass the parameter ENVID . Should work right??? It works on Windows but not on Unix and Linux.

The small workaround is:
1. Comment REPORTS_PATH entry in $ORACLE_HOME/bin/REPORTS.SH file.

2. If REPORTS_PATH set in REPORTS.SH file is required then create a new Environment ID tag in reports server's Conf.

3. Modify the rwEng tag to default it to the default environment


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