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Friday, November 03, 2006

any thoughts???...9i(RAC) Suse Upgrade to 10GRAC(Solaris)

This is the next Project I am on 9iRAC(Suse) to 10gRAC(Solaris) - both a version upgrade and cross platform migration at onetime.

I have not given it too much thought yet, but this is the upgrade path I was thinking of(I will need to run it by support in any case to verify that it is supported)

1)Unracify the existing 9i RAC instance on Suse
2)Do a single Instance Upgrade to 10g on Suse
3)Move 10g database over to Solaris(with new 10g Migration Options)
4)RACIFY the 10G instance on Solaris.

any thoughts/inputs on the above will be greatly appreciated.


  • Not a thought but a few questions:
    Is this transactional (ERP etc) or non-transactional (DW etc)? This could affect the time available to do the job.
    Are you keeping the same storage?
    Do you have spare storage - enough to create a 10g version of the existing database?

    You will need a plan for when (if) it goes wrong - and what recovery points are acceptable; is 10g more important than 9i or Solaris than Suse or is this all or nothing.

    The last time I did this was a for a DW and we had the luxury of a new storage array so this made life simple. Clone DB design (and test), transfer data (and test) switch db user connections to new machine

    By Blogger Pete_S, at 1:42 AM  

  • 1)Its an OLTP system
    2)Storage is not a problem.
    3)We have one shot at it so at this point we would like to migrate and upgrade. If we miss this window it may be atleast 2 or 3 yrs before we can get to it.
    4)I thought about contingency plans as well this weekend
    and the below was my plan
    (a)Current Production 9i RAC
    (b)most likely migration will begin Friday evening after 6.00 pm.
    (c)clone production to a single ince 9i environment(takes about 60 min). The host will also have 10g single Instance already installed.
    (d)manuall upgrade the clone 9i database to 10G pointing to 10g Oracle_Home.
    (e)so now we are ready with the 10g database single instane.
    (f)solaris servers should be ready with the 10gRAC install.
    (g)migrate 10g database from Linux to Solaris and racify on Solaris.

    we should be able to practice this a couple of time before go live. And if there are any issue - 9iRAC Prod comes up as is.

    any thoughts???

    By Blogger Vidya Balasubramanian, at 8:08 AM  

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