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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

cannot get more interesting.......

so I am on a cross platform migration and upgrade (both at one time).

9i RAC Suse to 10g RAC this point we are in the planning phase and getting all the details together for the Migration Path.

The upgrade path most likely will be unracify,upgrade and then do a cross platform migration. I understand we need to do a endian conversion as we are moving from Linux to Solaris (Little to Big endian). Looks like the conversion procedure for this is documented and all over the place.
When I just thought I have tied all the information for this migration path together, I realized that I will be going from a 32 bit SLES (Intel) Architecture to a 64 bit architecture on Solaris(Sparc). The endian conversion takes care of byte reordering what about going from a 32bit to a 64 bit .......I am still in the process of figuring if there is anything additional I will need to do for this.....

any thoughts????


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