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Thursday, December 21, 2006

ASM and NetApp Filer

Link to ASM and NetApp

I have been spending the last few days looking into what advantages we would have using ASM on a NFS mount as opposed to having the database files directly on NFS. If your on RAC then ASM is mandatory but for non RAC 10g instances and NetApp - ASM is not mandatory.

The biggest benefit I see is volume management features with ASM.

does this mean I can change volume sizes etc actually online ? may be IO balancing across different volumes an added feature. I am walking into a totally new area (ASM on any kind of direct attach storage I can for sure see it being beneficial on NFS I am not so sure?)

anybody with sucess stories?


  • I'm not sure what you mean by ASM on an NFS mount. The two are usually mutually exclusive. Also, ASM is only mandatory for RAC when you have Standard Edition. If using Enterprise Edition, you can have RAC on ASM, NFS, RAW, or any CFS.

    By Blogger wdadams_dwt, at 3:05 PM  

  • All this while I was thinking the same ASM and NFS are mutually exclusive.
    The link below , however talks about
    implementing ASM on NFS. I am not sure if it makes sense.

    We are on Standard Edition - so if we go the RAC route ASM is mandatory, for the non RAC route it is not mandatory. We dont plan to use RAC.

    So the questions is - we already have our volumes on the NetApp all defined (they are used for several applications not just Oracle databases) the volumes are NFS mounted. If we decide to go ASM without NFS - will we have to redefine volumes etc?

    By Blogger Vidya Balasubramanian, at 7:59 AM  

  • Ahh, I see what they are saying. Yes, you can turn an arbitrary file into a "pseudo" disk that is accessible via ASM. This is what they are doing on top of NFS. The only circumstance that I have seen this done is for a proof of concept or as a quick and dirty way to get experience installing and using ASM.

    If you don't have any un-allocated space on the NetApp then yes, you would have to redefine some volumes to carve up some LUNS for use by ASM. Another consideration at that point as well is what kind of connection you are using. If you are not doing NFS, then the only way to present the newly carved NetApp luns to the hosts are via FC (Fibre Channel) or iSCSI.

    By Blogger wdadams_dwt, at 8:33 AM  

  • Thank you so much that was good information . Redefining volumes(for ASM without NFS) - I may get some push back on this . However , it is part of my job to put out all the options we have on table - most likely the solutions architect will let us know if it is feasible or not.

    Thanks again for all your input.

    By Blogger Vidya Balasubramanian, at 8:55 AM  

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