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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

online reorg options if you are on Standard Edition

A couple of the online reorg options may not be available if your on Std Edition. Quest Central (Space Management) Live Reorg options should help you get past this problem.

Quest Central Space Management have the following Reorg Options
a)Standard Reorg(offline mode no DML activity allowed on Reorg table)
b)Live Reorg (online mode) - has 2 option
1)TLOCK switch (can be used if your on Std edition - a copy table is created and a trigger based approach to get the copy table in sync, when you are ready the TLOCK switch can be performed - during the switch you will need to have a downtime but will be nothing significant)2)Online Switch(This option needs Oracle Partitioning enabled - pretty much you will need enterprise edition for this option)


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